Church membership is vital to the life of the church.

Being a member of a church is more than simply attending. Church membership calls for commitment to the spiritual family through encouragement and support. The Church at River Mills relies on members to help carryout the mission and vision of the church through the support of her ministry to make Christ known.

The leadership of The Church at River Mills seeks to care well for its members. Below is the process of church membership:

1. Connect

Come to the Sunday morning worship gatherings and try joining a small group on Wednesday night.

2. Conversation

Let our pastor know you would like to become a member of The Church at River Mills. Our pastor will meet with you for a membership conversation. 

3. Attend Membership Class

Our membership class is offered periodically throughout the year. Those that have had a membership conversation or would simply like to find out more about The Church at River Mills are encouraged to be a part of the class. After completion of the class, new members are presented to the church. Below we have attached our Church Covenant and Declaration of Faith.

4. Commit

Commit to be a part of a serve team and overall life of the church. 

Declaration of Faith and Church Covenant